Our Philosophy

Campus Kindergarten Philosophy


At Campus Kindergarten we value children as active and capable citizens from birth. We value opportunities for learning through play, for sparking curiosity, and we listen deeply to children’s voices. We hold a shared vision for children to grow through and in meaningful relationships, encourage playfulness, and support high quality interactions with children. At Campus Kindergarten, we want children to experience strong community connections, feel a sense of place and to experience belonging.

We acknowledge families as children’s first and most influential teachers and work to develop respectful and reciprocal partnerships in the context of a culturally diverse community. We are responsive to diversity, viewing diversity as a strength that contributes to the rich fabric of Campus Kindergarten.

Listening deeply to families and their insights develops shared understanding and supports collaborative decision making.  We seek to encourage multiple viewpoints and engage with families in meaningful ways to support children’s learning, wellbeing, and development in a safe and supportive community.

At Campus Kindergarten we strive to create a community of learners, each contributing diverse strengths and perspectives. We value our broader links to the wider University community, and we use our connection with the University to develop rich and meaningful experiences, within and beyond, our kindergarten walls.

We seek to be advocates for social justice and support children to be courageous and ethical decision makers. Through engagement with the natural world, we encourage children to be risk takers, explorers, active decision makers, custodians of their environment and curious learners. We value the natural environment and explore connection to the land through meaningful and sustainable experiences.

We hold a commitment to ongoing learning, critical reflection, and inquiry into our professional practice. Research and evidence-based practices inform our learning and teaching approaches, and we engage in collaborative and individual research and inquiry projects. We challenge the discourses of learning and care as separate and position them as intertwined and as essential parts of holistic and embedded quality early childhood practice.

Some images from our recent philosophy session.