Our Philosophy

What is unique about Campus Kindergarten?


The strong community culture fostered at Campus Kindergarten is built upon five core values:


rights - trust - respect - compassion – responsibility


We acknowledge that all members of our community, including children, families and teachers have rights, and all interactions should include respectful. Trust underpins all of these positive relationships. The notion of compassion is an enabling word that helps us understand, show empathy and transform. All of these values working together, provide a rich environment for nurturing relationships and friendships, which are the foundation of quality early childhood education.

Campus Kindergarten's staff, parents and community have been working on a Mission Statement that encapsulates not just the values above but more of the unique qualities and direction of the centre. The draft version gives a good indication of what the centre stands for and its goals for the future. The Mission Statement is a focal point for operations, teaching philosophy and future direction. We welcome ongoing participation and ownership of the Mission Statement as it develops.

Campus Kindergarten has a commitment to the philosophies and practices that come from the city of Reggio Emilia in Italy. Reggio Emilia is professionally recognised globally as an exceptional approach to early education.  The staff at Campus Kindergarten undergo constant training in Reggio Emilia practices and attend local networks or national/international conferences. The teachers at Campus Kindergarten are professionally active and keep abreast of current research and thinking through professional reading, courses of study, seminars, networking and dialogue.

Campus Kindergarten is a vibrant learning community situated within a green corridor of the University of Queensland that has a long-standing history of exceptionally high-quality education and care. The Kindergarten nurtures a culture that values the reciprocal rights and partnerships between children, teachers, and families alike.

At Campus Kindergarten, we recognise children as active, competent and confident learners who are agents of their own learning.  We foster children’s love for learning through play by providing for their varying interests and working on expanding their knowledge and skills. Our Kindergarten culture works to nurture children’s resilience, sense of belonging and self-worth.  We do this through building secure attachments based on warm, trusting relationships and interactions.  Our environment is set up to encourage the social participation of every child, to challenge the children to problem solve, to communicate effectively, and to evoke cultural awareness. We value the role of the teacher as co-researcher and co-constructor of knowledge in the learning process.

At Campus Kindergarten, we recognise parents as their child’s first and most significant teachers. We endeavour to build strong relationships with families that are based on mutual trust and respect. We invite our families to take part in the children’s learning journeys through ongoing involvement, and the sharing of knowledge and expertise. Being uniquely positioned within a university sees opportunities for multidisciplinary learning, often facilitated by our families attending the Kindergarten. Our learning community values the sharing of information and promotes positive parenting. We aim to work alongside families to support children in becoming life-long learners.

We believe in a holistic approach to Early Childhood Education and Care that promotes learning: social, emotional, physical and cognitive. Our educator’s teaching values and beliefs align closely with the teaching philosophy of Reggio Emilia. This educational approach to early learning enables children to develop autonomy and self-confidence while recognising young children as free, active, and autonomous people who are making connections with the world in which they live. We pride ourselves on our reflective practice and are committed to continuous quality improvement. Our exceptional teaching team at Campus Kindergarten includes a wide range of highly-trained teachers with varying levels of qualification, including two bachelor trained Teachers in each classroom- setting our Kindergarten apart from the typical before school setting landscape. Our Kindergarten is indeed a place for research-based, high-quality learning supported by educators who advocate strongly for and are passionate about Early Childhood Education and Care.

Campus Kindergarten seeks to make connections and reach out to our local community to deepen the children’s participation in learning. We believe through supporting a community of learners; young children are best able to navigate their worlds. We support ongoing professional development and promote the value and contribution of our service within the University of Queensland and the wider community. Campus Kindergarten has a history of sustainable practices and strives to embed sustainable thinking into our everyday experiences.  We recognise the rights of children, families, teachers and the traditional custodians of this land to foster a commitment to inclusion and respect for diversity.