Approved Kindergarten program

Campus Kindergarten provides Queensland Government approved kindergarten programs.


The benefits of Kindy:

Kindergarten is a play-based learning program. The benefits of Kindergarten programs include developing a love of learning, learning through play, and making friends. 

What will my child Learn?

Children learn through play. Across our programs, your child will participate in play-based learning experiences designed to encourage their physical, social, intellectual, language and emotional abilities.

Under the guidance and care of qualified early childhood teachers and experienced educators your child will:

  • Use language to communicate ideas, feelings and needs;
  • Make friends and learn how to cooperate with other children;
  • Become more independent and confident in their abilities;
  • Develop self-regulation and resilience;
  • Use their creativity to express idea and feelings through art, dance and dramatic play;
  • Identify, explore and solve problems and
  • Wonder and spark their curiosity while exploring the natural world around them.

At Campus Kindergarten the Approved Kindergarten Program is:

  • Is led and delivered by 2 qualified early childhood teachers in each of the kindergarten rooms.
  • The program runs from7:50am to 5:30pm.